Strong is the NEW Skinny

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When beginning new endeavors I am usually a nervous wreck. The development of this blog was totally different, it actually just came second nature to me. That can’t be anything but God!! With this being my first post I thought maybe I should let you guys know who I am. My name is Bianca and I’m 25 I am also a Master’s Student in Public Health. I am obsessed with fashionable things. The reason I phrased it that way is because anything that has to do with style I like am in love with.
Now let me explain my shirt, STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY. I am not always a fan of graphic tees unless I’m intrigued by the message. This shirt stood out me because a lot of people view “skinny” people as the most confident or well off because of their physical appearance. I have learned in my years of living, that is a lie (Sorry Skinny People). STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY, be strong, be yourself, accept who you are and that becomes your strength. You don’t have to look a certain way to have confidence. I thought that this would be an appropriate message for my first blog post.



Shirt & Pants : Forever 21+

Shoes : Torrid

Photo Credit: Natalie Sneed Photography

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  1. You look amazingly beautiful. Congrats on your website.

  2. Awesome!!!! I’m so proud of you!!! Much success to you ????????????

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