The Transition : A Guide to Online Shopping

I remember the days that I was only a tomboy. If you talk to any of my friends they will attest to the fact that I thought wearing flip flops or even the color pink was disgusting (literally). I hated doing my hair and never wore a dress and all of this was during my freshman year of college. Thank God for growth!!! NOW a monster has been created, I have try to control myself from buying too much.DSC_3557
ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! As much as I love clothing, sometimes I am just frankly too lazy to go to the store to try on outfits. LOL that’s not the only reason I online shop. Some shops I don’t have access to. Such as ASOS (one of my favorite stores) is mainly based in the UK, Go Jane is not available here, Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant closed in the mall here. Another reason I shop online is because some items in stores like Forever 21 are only available online. So now that we explored why I do what I do, we need to address questions I have been receiving on how I do it.

Here is a step by step guide on how to online shop and not have to send a whole bunch of stuff back.

– I know this task seems time consuming but it will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.
– They make the charts so that you know what specific size you are in their particular store
– Also, just because you wear a spDSC_3517ecific size in one store DOES NOT mean that it is the same for all stores.
2. Be aware of the type of fabric you are order
– For example
o Spandex : is an elastic material that will stretch with wear
o Polyester: is a firm material that does not have much movement
o Rayon: a slightly higher quality material that is also structured without pull
– Some fabrics are blended so they can have more than one of these material in it.
Now be aware if you don’t meet the measurement requirements or are just one or two inches over … GO UP A SIZE!!!!
Using this guide helps me determine what size to get depending on the store. This isn’t the end all be all but I hope it helps .


DSC_3500This outfit that I am in is from forever 21 when I saw this piece I automatically fell in love.

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  1. Thank you for this… now that I live outside the city, I don’t get a chance to shop in-store as much as I used to.

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