We are all entitled to be OURSELVES.

I’M BACK!!!! So…… these last couple weeks have been extremely busy for me. I have been in Chicago for five days and brought some really cool items while in the city. Don’t get it twisted I went for educational purposes but I couldn’t resist a Forever 21 or Nordstrom RACK. But, before this trip I made a great connection with an amazing jewelry boutique owner. TOKUN Jewelry for Less is a really dope boutique in Tallahassee. She has an amazing array of one of a kind necklaces, bracelets and rings. She also has authentic African Custom Made clothing. So I couldn’t resist myself to walk in and talk to her. After many meetings I present to you TOKUN Jewelry for less!!!!!

DSC_4397 copy 3
In these photos I am rocking a beautiful necklace and bracelet from this boutique. They are perfect to pair with any fall fashion AND ONE OF A KIND!!! That is a major highlight to me because I HATE to walk around and see someone else with the same pieces I have on (clothing or jewelry) Well with TOKUN I don’t have that problem and I get quality pieces for less.

DSC_4365 copy 3DSC_4385 copy 3

A Girl With Style is moving in such a positive direction. I am honored to have my first sponsored post with TOKUN Jewelry for less. I have been listening a lot to Lauryn Hill Unplugged and reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I have come into a new acceptance of who I am. To know me is to know I’m goofy, nerdy and obnoxious but I’m okay with that. The reason for that is because I show love. I LOVE love. So I accept myself and try to be the best Bianca I can be. Without comparison to any other being. WE ARE ENTITLED TO BE OURSELVES!- Lauryn Hill

Lets Rock Out!

  – A Girl With Style

   DSC_4414 copy 3

All My Jewelry Came from  TOKUN Jewelry for Less

Check her out!

P.S. A Large Shout out to Natalie Sneed Photgraphy and Design for all of my amazing pictures . YOUR AWESOME!

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