Is Thinking Like A Queen Too Much for Him?

 Girl what are you talking about?   OK bare with me for a sec….. So I have been thinking about how many of my educated female friends are single. Why is that? You are perceived to have it all or at least on the right path to having it ALL … but you’re missing one thing!
Thinking Like a Queen, to me means to have the up most love for yourself, strive for greatness in anything you do, and show genuine love to others. These are just some of the features I think qualifies as a Queens’s mentality. My question is….. Are others, more specifically men, intimidated by the Queen’s self-confidence, gusto, or drive? Does it make you look like you have it all together and don’t need a man? I was just wondering about this topic one day and decided to engage you guys on this discussion. Is Thinking like a Queen too Much for Him?

Personally, I believe a King will embrace a Queen’s strong will. He will never feel intimidated because her resilience is what draws him to her. Her mind, beliefs, and who she is as an individual is what he appreciates the most; in additional to her physical appearance. DSC_4511 copy 2

A King would appreciate the time and effort a Queen has putting in making her outward appearance as beautiful as her inward. My belief is if he is a KING then he won’t be intimated by a strong women. That is why I wear clothing from   A QUEEN’S CLOSET. It is a plus size boutique that has great options ranging from the hard working professional on the go to a girl’s night on the town. Check out this website to find the great pieces that helped inspire this shoot and oDSC_4624 copy 2ther cool and stylish items.

As I watched the Soul Train Awards I gained a sense of confidence that WOMEN can do it ALL as I witnessed Erykah Badu host and Jill Scott be awarded. But just as soon as the SPICE GIRLS, girl power vibe came over me, the gloomy cloud of whether or not a man would be scared away by a Queen’s success began to kill my girl power moment. Questions now started to formulate….Do I exude that I am ready for a marriage and children? Or is it the men? Do you just wait on the right one that will be here to accept you and your Queen mentality? Is that you’re KING?DSC_4570 copy 2


I don’t know the answer that why I am asking you ……… comment down below lets make it a discussion

– A Girl With Style

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2 Responses

  1. I honestly don’t think thinking like a queen is to much to ask for . Us as women should always think as queens!

  2. A King desires nothing less than a Queen.

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