Your BEAUTY is more than Skin Deep

When I think about confidence and self love. The quote “Beauty is more then skin deep” comes to mind. The reason for this is I believe really and truly that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ask my friends I don’t even like saying the word UGLY. That is because I really don’t believe there are ugly people in terms of appearance alone. The word ugly just like the word beauty has way more depth then skin deep. Everyone will not like our appearance and it is ok not to be attractive to everyone in the world. Please believe there is someone that likes it.


To me beauty is more than just physical appearance. I know I am not the only person that has met a super attractive individual with a horrific attitude. That alone makes that person incredibly unattractive. When associating with others I look at their heart. Obviously not physically, but I just observe who this person is. What are your values, goals in life, hobbies and how do you treat others. Those categories help me determine the depth of a person’s beauty.

So when I was approached by a boutique called Skin Deep that not 0nly offer plus size clothing but also had an amazing message. I could not turn down the collaboration. The pieces from Skin Deep is very good quality, which is a big thing for me. Also, the pieces are super stylish and easy to pair anything with. DSC_6762-1

The Black Velvet Skater Dress is a great item to have for this coming Valentines Day. It is super cute and add whatever accessory and shoes you want and  your look is complete.  Every time I wear it  I receive so many complements. The Yellow Peek-A-Boo top in the featured photo of his blog  shows you the diversity of this boutique. A fun flirty shirt that accentuates the curves is always a must have for A Girl With Style’s Closet.

This photo shoot took place in Houston Texas with an awesome photographer Jookie Sanchez. I told him I wanted to create ART with this clothing , because the meaning of beauty is more then what meets the eye. I believe that photography exudes that. The collaboration of A Girl With Style (me), Skin Deep and Jookie Sanchez was the electric!!!



Until Next time Loves

– A Girl With Style

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