The Power to Make Things Happen: Ashe Indie Fest

IMG_7202Have you ever had the experience of running into a kindred spirit? Well, that is what happened when a friend put me in contact with DJ Ashe’. As we had multiple meetings I knew instantly from the positive vibes that she was exuding that this collaboration would be empowering. As she began to tell me about her vision of the Ashe’ Indie Festival , I couldn’t help to notice a really dope sweater she was rocking. The fashionista in me had to ask, “Where did you get that sweater from?”. Once she told me that this is a logo she has created for the festival, I was sold.


So, let me tell you how the word Ashé plays into this scheme of things. It is a term from the Yoruba culture that mean peace and blessings. It also means having the power of creativity. The stronger your Ashé is the stronger your creative power can manifest into the physical. Dj Ashé put together the Ashe Indie Festival to bring together the local community in the name of unity and creativity. This festival is being held the weekend of Earth Day and will be complied with performance from amazing Indie Artist, yoga ,live art and plenty of vendors. The festival will be promoting holistic and healthy mental, physical, and spiritual lifestyles.



Dj Ashé created a line of sweat shirts to get the message out that the ASHE INDIE FEST is on its way. The dope logo on the sweater come in a number of patterns. BUT! The catch is the different pattern are only dropped during certain time, I had the pleasure of getting my hands on the Teal Snake Skin Patterned Sweater. In the middle of the A is an ankh which is also referred to as the Breath of Life. This symbolism not only makes for a really dope design , but it also sets the stage for positivity and love for the festival.

The tomboy side of me got to have a blast in this photo shoot. The ability to throw on a pair of Jordan’s and have a coordinated outfit means everything to me.IMG_7144.JPG I love heels but I get just as excited to have new pair of sneakers. You get one these retro designed sweaters here

IMG_7148.JPGI put my own flare to the sweater by adding a statement necklace and adding some Kat Von D Dark Blue Lip Stick. This sweater is a great item to have in A Girl With Style’s Wardrobe.

I could not dare to leave this post without mentioning my new photographer collaboration. SaffaDi Artistry is an amazing photographer and we have a couple of really awesome things up our sleeves.




Peace And Blessings.

Until our next adventure

 -A Girl With Style

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