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I could not be more elated about A Girl With Style. Every time I come “back at it again…” with another blog post, this brand has grown more. So, first and foremost I want to say thank you for your support on my journey through the fashion world. This blog has been essential in my growth with self confidence and self-style.




Last weekend I had a blast participating as a judge at the “Four Seasons of Curves” model call. All the women there were beautiful and confident.  These amazing models inspired the blog topic for today, which is Self-style and Self-confidence. This topic was addressed multiple times at the model call and is very relatable to everyday life. Another form of motivation was the passing of one of the GREATEST artist Prince. He was a great example of self confidence and self-style. Sometimes as women we tend to beat ourselves down because of features that we don’t have.  It was refreshing to see women of different sizes stand strong and say, “I love myself”.  I live for Self-confidence.

Skin Deep Teal Swing Pants

Self-love is essential to developing your self-style. Once you accept yourself flaws and all, no one can tell you anything different. In the evolution of my own self-style, there has been one brand that has helped shape me into the fashionista I am today. Skin Deep is one of the online boutiques that I am sure will always have an amazing piece for me to look both elegant and sexy in. I love shopping there! The outfit that I am wearing embodies what I mentioned in my previous blog post, “Spring into the Past”, that metallic is in for the Spring.

I am sSkin Deep Metallic skirt o in love with this skirt. I think it’s not only super fashionable but it is also unique, which is always a factor that I can appreciate. I paired it with a cutout shoulder shirt (which is also in for the Spring), a statement necklace, and Gianni Bini heels (I got them on sale at Dillard’s – I love a good SALE!). The combination is magical! IMG_1965




Although thiA Girl With Style Teal Swing Pantss ensemble was amazing, it was not as dope as the teal swing pants that I received from Skin Deep. These pants are really cool. They demonstrate an amazing dramatic effect when caught by a strong breeze. This pants scream, “EXCUSE ME, VIP COMING THROUGH!” Lol! I always love all the pieces I get from Skin Deep. Click here and check out some more cute and affordable clothes!


Remember ladies, beauty doesn’t have a size!

Photographer Saffa Di Artistry

Special Announcement:

If you’re still interest in attending a model call for the Four Seasons of Curves Fashion show, there will be second model call on May 7th from 12-4pm and the location will be announced soon. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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