How to style a Curvy Chick that Rocks


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 Today I am going to give you some quick tips on styling your curves! A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of styling some chicks that not only ROCK, but have curves that will leave you in a daze. While styling these beautiful women with clothing from TOKUN I learned that not every curvy chick is made the same. Although that is true there are some universal tips that can help all body types look flattering.

Curvy Chicks Rock Models


A free flowing dress that provides room to breathe is always an essential for A Girl with Style.  It’s a piece of clothing to wear in any season. This dress not only provides space but also accentuates the top. That provides the illusion of an hour glass figure! (if you don’t already have one)

Curvy Chicks Rock Models



Curvy Chicks Rock Models

A garment that comes in at the waist is always going to be a go to for A Girl with Style. It makes your waist look slimmer (and who doesn’t want that??).  A garment that cinches the waist and also flows out can also aid in disguising the belly.

These quick tips are what I used as a guide to styling these gorgeous ladies in the beautiful garments from TOKUN. Click here to access the store.

Curvy Chicks Rock Models

If you want to see more of these stunning models catch them at the Curvy Chicks Rock Fashion Show : Four Season of Curves. Click here for tickets


Until our next adventure! 

-A Girl With Style


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