FAMU Homecoming owes me nothing



Blue Dress

This year Florida Agricultural & Mechanical held another successful homecoming. The weekend was filled with brief reunions with old classmates, delicious food, partying and making new connections. It is so inspiring to see the young successful alumni of FAMU come together and celebrate the university. This homecoming was particularly special for me because I got the opportunity to host Guest List Only- FAMU Alumni Homecoming Experience .

***cues Cardi B ” You in the club just to party. I’m there, I get paid a fee.”

This is my second year in a row hosting this event. It was a event filled with Lawyers, entrepreneurs, Doctors, CEOs and so many more successful professionals. I really love the vibes of Guest List Only because it is genuinely  just a fun experience.

Honestly, I am really humbled to be able to follow my dreams and have a platform to display my talent.


Let’s talk about these homecoming outfits.


On Saturday while hosting GLO I wore this cute blue number. This dress was a great purchase from one of my trips to New York. It was sitting in my closet and it really came in handy.


Dress: Fashion to Figure

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Wedges: Torrid Shop a similar style 

Check out my full interviews for FAMU homecoming on my youtube.


On Friday, I attended a day party. I decided to wear VELVET!


This t-shirt dress was perfect for the weather and it fit in just the right places.



Dress: Forever 21+

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Shoes: Kenneth  Cole 

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Glasses: Avant Garb 

Until our next journey!

– A Girl With Style

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