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I am so excited to share our latest adventure! I love seeing Girl Bosses shine bright in their elements. It’s even better when you can witness them sharing that light in an act of true sisterhood.

-Myss Shan-Mary B Morrison-Laquita Adams-Talia-O

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Tamika Newhouse (bomb author and businesswoman) worked in collaboration with a great panel of Fly Girls: National Bestselling author Myss Shan, New York Times Bestselling author Mary B Morrison, the business-savvy Laquita Adams, and Talia O. an Editor of the Shade Room to present epic moments at the spectacular Fly Girl Mixer event presented by the AAMBC organization in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 28th, 2017. Follow the @aambcawards to find out more about it!


The Fly Girl Mixer was an amazing experience for all aspiring writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Patrons from a variety of backgrounds were in attendance ranging from the inexperienced in search of advice on how to get started; to the entrepreneurs looking to utilize this networking mixer to build mutual beneficial relationships that could propel both parties to their end goal. Even those who may have no experience in writing and simply enjoy the pleasures of reading a great book also came out to this event for the book signing of some amazing writers. How dope is that! Just think, the chance to meet your favorite author? I was in a dream surrounded by pure black girl magic.

Mary-b-morrison-talia-oliver-tamika-newhouse-laquita Mary-b-morrison-talia-oliver-tamika-newhouse-laquita

The energy on the way to this event was palpable. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, and acting on your findings by going after your dreams can leave anyone feeling ecstatic. I was very proud of us for stepping out onto uncharted territory! We were Fly Girls on our way to chat with other female entrepreneurs about relationships, boss talk, and most importantly books! There was a lot of knowledge and experience in the room, so talk of balancing love and business were inevitable, as well as the importance of networking and building solid business relationships. I have major respect for these women on the go. They have set the standard by showing us they could accomplish their dreams and more! The panelists have great careers as authors and they prove that to us with entertaining and inspirational stories that help us way more than they realize.

Not only do these ladies encourage you to step outside of yourself and go after your dreams, but also promote the importance of self-care for us as women. Encouraging us to delegate our time to efficiently make the most out of our 24 hours that we are given. It is vital for a woman to learn more about herself so that she can discern her needs, bottle up fear and courageously develop into the woman she is always meant to be. We were encouraged by these Fly Girls to start right where we are on our journeys! Believe in yourself.

Many of us present were inspired by the panel discussion moderated by Ms. Talio O. I appreciated the Q&A session because each Fly Girl was open and authentic in their responses. True gems were dropped at this event. Don’t get me wrong there were Kings in attendance at this event. They too could utilize the tips and advice offered by these Fly Girls. I was humbled to witness such transparency at this event. Much like many others who attended, I had fun, took plenty of pictures to capture such positive vibes and left feeling motivated and ready to build for tomorrow!


I would like to thank our very own Bianca Belabre for including me on her journey. To witness this Fly Girl rock out each interview with so much energy and passion was truly inspiring. To see more, check it out on her YouTube channel! There will be more events presented by the AAMBC organization that we promise you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned!




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