How to style a Plain White Shirt

A Girl With Style - Plain White Shirt

A Girl With Style – How to Style a Plain White Shirt

Becoming a fashion blogger has opened many doors and put me in positions to meet some pretty amazing people. Whitney Henry, of Curvy Chicks Rock Inc., recently gave me the opportunity to show off my stylist skills.  The following looks were created to bring awareness to a MODEL CALL for the fashion show entitled, “Four Seasons of Curves”. This show will be Tallahassee’s premier curvy chick couture fashion experience. If you are a designer, model, boutique or volunteer and you’re interested in being a part of this show please contact me here or Whitney Henry. The model call will take place in Tallahassee at the Aloft Hotel on April 16, 2016 – click here for registration!


A Girl With Style - Plain White Shirt

ON TO THE CLOTHES , which is what we’re all here for! I’m sure the vast majority of you go to your closet, admire all of your clothes, and then pout because you have “nothing” to wear. This is my daily routine when I am getting dressed for work, school, or just a night on the town. After I’ve tried on everything in my closet and covered my bed with uncoordinated outfits, there is one piece of clothing that I KNOW will work with anything that I pick out. The “Plain White Shirt – let’s call it the PWS, sort of like “Little Black Dress”/LBD…you get it! – is one of the most essential items in A Girl With Style’s Closet. With this simple item, you can turn your outfit from a zero to a hero.  Keep reading for tips on how to add a little flare and a lot of style to a PWS.

white shirt and vest

With the spring and summer weather embarking upon us, I developed looks that would be useful for day or night in these seasons. With a simple vest you can add variety to any item. In my opinion, a vest is a wardrobe must-have. Tifany  is in a burgundy vest from Skin Deep and this outfit is giving an element of sophistication.

White Shirt and Fringe


Check out how  Whitney Henry  is rocking a beige fringe vest that is taking you back to the stylish 70’s era . This just shows how adding a simple jacket or vest to a PWS can make all the difference in your look.





White Shirt and Bowties

Adding your own style to a PWS gives you the opportunity to make the outfit POP. I added silky neckties and bow ties as bracelets to this outfit to give the look of the new age geek.  I love when people express themselves through fashion and this is an option to show your unique flare.




 White Shirt

A statement piece is a great item to add to any outfit.  This gold necklace is big and chunky which I ABSOLUTELY love. It also screams classy and chic. I have never seen gold pearls before Alison from Tokun Jewelery for Less showed me this amazing piece in the store. I had to have it for this shoot!


Although I focused most of the styling for this post on the summer and spring seasons, I decided to provide a sexy, sultry look for the colder months. The “Four Seasons of Curves” fashion show will display looks for curvy women to shine in any weather. This outfit is perfect for date night during the winter.

A Girl With Style - White Shirt

A bustier or corset is an item that that accentuates a woman’s curves in just the right places. It also lifts and tucks the unwanted areas ;). I also added the metal chains as an accent piece to her shoulders for and alternative way of wearing this outfit.

Working with these women provided the opportunity to express my vision. “Four Seasons of Curves” will be an amazing show with fabulous clothing, amazing designers, and plenty of curvy chicks. I will be the Fashion Director over this event so you will see me there! I hope you join us!

Special Thanks to:

MACORK SOLUTIONS for all the amazing photos!


-A Girl With Style



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