10 Tips to becoming a personal Fashion Guru


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The process of becoming A Girl with Style took some trials and tribulations. One of the hurdles was perfecting my personal style, in efforts to  become a personal Fashion Guru.  So, I decided to create a list of 10 tips that helped me on this exciting journey. Creative Directing these gorgeous ladies in attire from Gurus Trends to make this blog was such a fun experience. Even in the deathly heat of Florida 🙂


  1. Confidence

    • Guru Trends

    • This step is really important because the confidence that exudes from within, sets a tone for your outfit. Just like Shanequa Taylor (seen above) who is glowing with self-resilience as she rocks this fabulous attire.

    • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT (because haters are going to hate) **3LW voice** and you need to learn how to be proud of however you choose to look!A Girl With Style
  2. Decide on what your most flattering outfit is.

    • Fashion Trends

      This tip will help you build a base to your wardrobe. The most flattering outfit provides a direction of style to explore. For example, look into more of the same pant styles but in a different patterns, fabric or colors.

  3. Buy garments that fit well.Fashion Guru

    • I’m not really big on sticking to specific sizes. BUT! A true Fashion Guru can identify clothing outside of their typical sizing and still look amazing.  Focusing on the fit of the clothing is the strategy. Take these models for example, they look stunning in  dresses from Gurus Trends, because they fit perfectly.
  4. Become familiar with different fabrics.

    • There is an assortment of different fabrics. The knowledge of just basic types (cotton , wool , linen , leather , rayon and spandex) is essential knowledge for A Girl with Style. Materials lay and look differently on certain body types. Find out which ones looks the best on yours.
  5. Be mindful of the event or occasion.Guru Trends

    • A personal Fashion Guru always dresses for the occasion and SLAYS!
  6. Create different outfits with one clothing item.Fashion Guru

    • This is my favorite tip, because adding a jacket or switching pants can give a simple shirt some Hmph! Displaying versatility with pieces you already own is a great inexpensive (my favorite word) way to show off your personal style.
  7. Make sure you have A Girl With Style’s Top 10 Fashion Essential.

    • Head to the blog post about A Girl With Style’s essentials here
  8. Identify your cut.

    • The cut of the fabric is something you should also consider. This aspect of fashion ties into figuring out which garment will flatter your body type. Knowing the difference between a bodycon, shift or flare dress is important information to determining your best cut.
  9. Identify your colors.Guru Trends

    • Every Girl with Style has a color they simply, feel amazing in. If you can identify what colors accentuate your already flawless features, then you are on your way to becoming a personal Fashion Guru.
      These colors can vary by season and Gurus Trends has amazing summer dresses to choose from. Grab one here.
  10. Stock up on accessoriesGuruTrends

    • I love love love love love accessories!!! Sunglasses , bracelets and necklaces are just some of the great ways to add SPICE to any look. These awesome shades provided by Gurus Trends are just the right piece to accentuate every outfit!

I hope these tips help you on growing in your personal style. If you have any suggestion please don’t hesitate to comment below. I would love to her your fashion tips.

I can’t end a post without giving gratitude to my amazing photographer SaffaDiArtistry 

Special thanks to my lovely sponsor Gurus Trends

Until our next journey!

-A Girl With Style





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