The 5 Reasons to LOVE Your Natural Hair


As I brush my finger through my naturally curly and kinky hair. I reflect on the true essence of my natural state and how much I love my natural hair.  Having hair that hasn’t been manipulated, texturized, relaxed or pressed can be a daunting task at times, but also  an extremely rewarding experience. To grow my Afro high enough to touch the sky is an accomplishment for me and any Girl With Style that rocks an Afro. Relaxed girls don’t get mad at me, because I like the straight and sleek look as well. BUT! There is something about my natural hair that I can’t get enough of. So stay tune to learn why you should love your natural hair too.




  1. Styling Versatility

    You can flip it twist it, curly it and twirl it. You can put your natural hair in any state, and at your leisure. Transforming it from kinky to straight only takes minutes to accomplish. Braids, extensions and wigs are also welcomed.The unlimited amount of options for hairstyles is the most  outstanding benefit to me. I can choose to be who I want whenever I choose to be. To learn more techniques towards styling my hair, this weekend Sept 11th I’m attending the Capital City Natural Hair and Health Expo. This will be the place to be for all things natural hair. Not only will I learn different styles but I will also experience the history behind the Art of African hair.

    A Girl With Style

  2. Healthy Hair

    Since I’ve started my natural hair journey, I realized that my hair has been at the healthiest that I’ve ever seen. Full. fluffy and soft. Even though I don’t wear it in its natural state often, I know that I’m still taking care of my hair with protective styles. The natural hair expo is also offering insight and styling demonstrations on how to take care of your hair. Which is another reason why I’m headed there this weekend. You can never get too much help and education on how to tame this mane.


  3. The SHOCK Factor

    The sparkle in the eyes of people who see my hair when I do a GREAT twist out is just an exhilarating experience. I love to see how people react when my Afro goes from kinky to straight. The confusion I cause when they see my mane flow down my back is priceless.  They are so intrigued because shrinkage is REAL. That surprise and  that shock is exciting. Transformations that can cause these reactions on dreadlocks to Afros will be exhibited in this years hair and fashion show at the Capital City Natural Hair and Health expo. I’m excited to see what this show has in store.

    natural hairA Girl With Style

  4. The Texture

    From the coarse, to the kinky, to the curly , I love the texture of ALL natural hair. Applying my fingers through this mane is one of the most comforting experiences. The gratitude for the texture of your hair can bring you closer to your roots (literally!).

    natural hairnatural hair

  5. The Bond

    There is something about natural girls coming together and forming a bond over leave-in conditioner and essential oils that cannot be explained. The natural hair club is a membership that is open to all stages of growth. From the tinnie winnie Afro to the lushest dreadlocs, everyone is welcomed. When you can connect with another naturalista about putting avocado in your hair, you can’t let go of that connection. That is why I’m excited about the Little Miss Capital City Natural Pageant at the hair and health expo because it is a platform that will be used to help inspire little girls to be proud of their

    Obviously, being naturally me is something I cannot not hide nor am I not willing too! Love yourself and the skin you’re in. From your hair to your feet, A Girl With Style embraces, loves  and accepts herself for who she is! The 5th annual Capital City Hair and Health Expo with be the place to be to experience the natural essense of hair, fashion and advice! I will be there, click here so we can enjoy this exciting experience together. See you soon.

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