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Thanks for coming back to read my blog . Join me on my journey through the fashion, beauty , health and marketing world.  A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure attending the Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo.  I must say I did enjoy my experience at this event!  Continue reading and join me on the journey through the Largest African American owned Natural hair expo in the city.



Men, women and children of all ages gathered at the country club as the Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo commenced with authentic beats exuding from African Drums. An uplifting feeling graces you once you’ve entered into the venue. The sight of businesses and community members intertwined was inspiring. The expo has created a place where the vendors and sponsors can  display and sell their  goods . While getting the opportunity to establish a new and eager client base.  I was able to capture of these lovely businesses on video. Click here to check them out. If your interested in becoming a vendor for 2017 send emails to

Mandisa Ngozi


Capital City Hair and Health expo


Now back to the expo.

Once finally containing yourself from purchasing too much from the unique vendors , an opening appears where someone is performing. Angelic voices and melodic poetic rhymes exude from second room of the Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo.



The performances were AMAZING! I’m a sucker for live music. I had the chance to experience poetry , singing and rapping. Which were all performed so tastefully. I was impressed with everything that an attendee of the expo receives for such a low price.  Participants. not only gain access to the latest in hair care and skin care. Attendees also have complementary entry to the highly anticipated Hair and Fashion show. Which I had the pleasure of sitting first row! ( I was so happy)


The FASHION WAS EVERYTHING!!!!!! I got my entire life seeing women of all shapes and sizes strut in African inspired treads. From bold prints to vibrant colors, the array of fashion was well displayed. Oh, but lets not forget about the Hair and Makeup. All I can say is they SLAYED! Locs, Afros , extensions and twist graced the runway as the men and women held their head high embracing their African heritage


Gift bags and unique items are provided to the VIP.  Wearable art, entertainment, poetry, African drumming, presentations, demonstrations, and other services to educate and inspire are just a few of the benefits of going to this event!!! The experience is like none other.  One of my favorite parts was the Hair pageant featuring the cutest little ladies , displaying their talent. From paint, gymnastics to singing these GIRLS were phenomenal



The Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo revitalizes the mind, body and spirit through the Ancient Art of African Hair. As a graduate in the field of Public Health I can appreciate that the expo is designed to enable the attendees to be empowered through  a holistic approach to healthy living. Demonstrations addressing internal , external and mental health was just one of the gems of this fabulous event.


“The love of dark skin and kinky hair was the inspiration behind the first Capital City Natural Hair and Health Expo and it has blossomed into five illustrious years of the largest African-American shopping experience in the Capital City of Florida. The mission of the Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo is to educate the attendees with the knowledge and cultural connection that natural hair care creates”.

(Quoted by founder Valencia Jones)

In reflection of the event , it accomplished well beyond its aims!


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Special thanks to the photographers Don Hayes and Ira Willis

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