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Hey girls.

Its been so long! Sorry I haven’t been updating. I’ve been experiencing life and working A LOT! This adulting thing is so REAL. I promise I’m going to do my best to be much more consistent. It is literally one of my biggest GOALS! I know you are probably wondering why this blog is titled “The definition of yellow”. Well, keep reading and I’ll explain.

yellow dress

Recently, almost everywhere I went I heard that yellow is my color. “Girl, yellow looks good on you”. Mostly, because of this BOMB picture in the maxi dress by Skin Deep that I posted on my Instagram for my birthday.

6:26:90???? #agirlwithstyle

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Nonetheless, these comments got me thinking. What is the meaning behind the color yellow anyway? Honestly, I didn’t know that yellow had a specific meaning. But, something told me to look it up. Just like most of the others things I don’t know in life, I looked it up on…. you guessed it GOOGLE 🙂 

yellow sunglasses

“Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity and sunshine”. All of these definitions are aspects and emotions that I feel  I tap into pretty frequently. I decided to follow my dreams and quit my job over a year ago. Optimism is one of my biggest strengths. Seeing the good in any situation is so important. Happiness is a way of life now. Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom and luxury to choose what you want to do on a daily basis. Which makes me really happy. A creative is actually who I am. I can’t go a day with out thinking or being innovative. After all that reflection, I started to see why yellow just might be my color.

 First of all, please comment below if you knew that colors had specific meanings or you know what your color is. I would love to explore this topic more. 

When Skin Deep sent me this yellow maxi dress I was beyond excited to put it on and show off my creativity and sunshine. Lol! 

yellow dress

Just a disclaimer if you don’t want to stand out don’t wear yellow. 

Putting on this garments made me feel grand and regal. Dare I say enlightened. Let’s not forget BRIGHT! I also felt like Beyoncé swinging that Hot Sauce. 


I think I’m liking the way yellow complements me. It just might be my color.

You guys should know by now that I love collaborating with  people, especially creatives. When I got a chance to work with the soon to be stylist to the stars TAG , I jumped on the opportunity. He deserves all the credit for putting this fabulous outfit together. Wait until you see the other outfits he came up with. We had a blast along with photographer Nefetari on the set of this shoot. 

yellow dress

yellow dress

Until the next journey!

A Girl With Style

P.S. Please take the time to share this post with your friends. I would really appreciate the support. Lets find out what their color is!

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