The anchor in promoting diversity during New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion WeeK: Models in Fe Noel


Fe Noel
Model in Fe Noel

Sequins, chiffon and latex were all in abundance during this years New York Fashion Week. I am totally obsessed with exploring the new trends, styles and designs. Unfortunately, as I embark on this quest, as a woman of color I often see myself underrepresented in the fashion industry. More refreshingly, this years fashion had a much more diverse crowd ranging from models to designers. With brands exploring more diversity, we must acknowledge the organization that has been the anchor in promoting diversity in fashion for the last decade.

Fe Noel
Models in Fe Noel

Instead of allowing the continuation of blending in with all the “typical” fashion industry standards, Harlem Fashion Row chose to stand out and provide a platform for emerging designers of color.

Harlem Fashion Row

During all the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Row celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being the distinct missing piece in fashion. They are dedicated to highlighting multicultural designers in the industry. These designers sent their stunning pieces trailblazing down the runway in front of the community of fashion influencers and enthusiast.

Founder of Harlem Fashion Row: Brandice Daniel

Harlem Fashion Row is an illustrious platform that was founded in 2007 by Brandice Daniel. They are dedicated to building a platform for multicultural designers to create brands that are not only profitable & sustainable but businesses that leave a legacy for generations to come.


The 10th anniversary celebratory ceremony of Harlem Fashion Row took place September 6th on a Wednesday in New York. HFR is not only a celebration of fashion designers of colors who would otherwise go unnoticed in a white dominating industry, but it also sends a strong vibe of body positivity across the runway. Since 2007, it has been a platform where it is considered ‘normal’ to feature multicultural bloggers, creators, designers, and models of all shape and sizes together.

Model in Fe Noel

Four talented fashion designers showcased their new Spring/Summer 2018 collection during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Detailed stitching, bold fabric, gold accents and fur were all showcased to an accepting and open-minded audience in upper Manhattan.

New York Fashion Week: Models with fashion designer Undra Celeste

The featured designers of  Harlem Fashion Row were Kimberly Goldson – the season nine finalist of Project Runway, self-taught designers FeNeol,  K. RaShaé – who made strides in the fashion world with her luxury collection last year, and Undra Celeste – who has a decade of fashion industry experience under her belt and has worked with fashion houses like Calvin Klein.

Model with designer Kimberly Goldson

It was refreshing to see the mosaic of young women and industry-experienced names presenting their work on the same runway. What’s also amazing is the opportunity to purchase looks right off the runway. Any of these pieces can be apart of A Girl With Style’s wardrobe.

Model in Kimberly Goldson

These four designers need to be in your fashion radar if you are A Girl With Style, their fashion line-ups are exclusively curated keeping all women in mind. Manicured nails, statement eyelids, tribal paint and bold lips were the key trend of the Harlem Fashion Row show this year.

New York Fashion Week: Models in Fe Noel

While providing a platform for emerging designers of color, Harlem Fashion Row also highlights those who are beacons in the fashion industry. Brooklyn based Claire Sulmers received the New Media award for blog ‘Fashion Bomb Daily’.

Claire Sulmers and Spike Lee

The fashion news director at Vogue, Chioma Nnudi received the Editor of the Year Award as she urged the importance of supporting black designers for the growth of industry. Andra Day, the recording artist was honored with Trailblazer Award.

Claire Sulmers, Spike Lee & Chioma Nnudi

Filmmaker, Spike Lee received an icon 360 award for bringing his personal culture and style to the limelight through his films.


Harlem Fashion Row without a doubt does it for the culture. Make sure you keep your eye on them for emerging designers and updates on fabulous fashion.

Until our next journey!

– A Girl With Style

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