Go Girl – Leave Your Legacy!



How has the new year treating you? Are you working on how to leave your legacy?

Is it going great?

Or horrible?

Or would you rather not think about it?

Well it’s okay whatever your answers may be.

Girl it is time to look to the future. Leave your legacy

We are in the day and age where more and more women are breaking barriers by being authentically themselves and frankly, BOSSING UP! Many of us seek motivation and inspiration in others or “the one” that we think will encourage us to step outside of ourselves and go after those “far out dreams”. We may begin to blindly believe that these people are the change agent that will make that goal more attainable, or worth the fight. Newsflash! That is a false and a very misleading impression.

Learning to leave your legacy is in your hands.

Leave your legacy

What if I told you, it’s not the who, what, or how in life that creates your vision of being a businesswoman. If there is a dreamer in you who feels the urge to make her dream a reality, you cannot waste time searching for the advice from someone else to jumpstart that process. Discovering your WHY, will help cause everything to make sense! Ok, hear me out! I have one question that should get those wheels turning:

What is your purpose?


Once you have provided focus and zeroed in on what YOUR passion entails, you will find inspiration and motivation embedded within your purpose. It is that feeling you get when you do what you love to do and create unconditionally, that is your calling. That is how you leave your legacy.  Acknowledging this for yourself will serve as an overflowing river of motivation to

boss up in 2018!

Girl, it is up to you to manifest that passion into your purpose!


You may be wondering where all of this is coming from. A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with some inspirational women from diverse backgrounds, while attending an event, “Empowered by PR” held in Atlanta . Among them, Mrs. Monique Hill’s energy could not be denied. She was very open and proud to share details of her newest venture:


This is HUGE.


Monique Hill is the Owner and Baker of Just Baked: Cupcake Bar & Bakery ATL. Her story reminded me that passion can be a driving force to motivate you to achieve things you probably would have never imagined possible for yourself. Here is her story:

“My father had such a passion for making the best desserts and seeing the biggest smiles on my families faces. He held his head high on the fact that his desserts were made from scratch. Before losing my father from cancer in 2014, I promised him that I would keep his tradition going by opening a bakery in his honor. As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, I sought to find a way to make this promise become reality. I wanted to share with the world the same love and passion my father shared with his family. With every cake I bake, I always have the picture of my father with me in the kitchen. I pride myself on keeping the tradition of baking all my desserts by scratch. The beginning of this year, I have officially started my catering company “Just Baked: Cupcake Bar & Bakery”. Currently, our services provide our customers with cakes of all types, extravagant dessert tables, and festive holiday platters. My hopes are to eventually have my own store front and utilize my platform to donate a portion to the American Cancer Society.” 



Just think girls, you too can embark on an amazing journey! What passions have you yet to tap into?  Monique Hill realized her purpose through her shared passion with her father. She was inspired by that passion, and made a conscious decision to transcend it by honoring her father with such an amazing business!

Go girl! Leave your legacy ❤!


If you were drooling over those delicious treats like I was: To place an order, you can go to Monique’s social media platforms or email her at  JustBakedATL@gmail.com.  

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