5 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

Spring time is here and the time to start fresh is near! Here are 5 steps to help declutter your home. When preparing for any transition in your life it can be extremely beneficial to declutter the excess from your mind.

 I found the best way to jumpstart this mental process is by applying the same rule to your actual life – starting in your own home. By decluttering your home you can relax to Through research, I have discovered a little more detail on the subject from psychologists who agree that the state of your environment can reflect the state of your present mind. According to Psychology Today, “The environment with which we surround ourselves is very often a direct expression of where we are emotionally and psycho-spiritually – our global state of mind. If we are distracted, we tend to lose things. If we are disorganized, the piles begin to collect.”

In contrast, imagine ladies successfully creating a calm and peaceful live-in space in which we could rightly say is a perfect reflection of the serene state of our minds. Now that’s the true essence of A Girl With Style! Tackling the items on our to-do list would not seem as such a dire task that it may seem with piles of laundry waiting for you to fold or last weeks’ trash left haphazardly spilling over the brim. I hope this is none of you, but it happens. We all live busy, multifaceted lives. However, we should make time to breathe and center ourselves so that we are properly restored to jet out again full of energy.

The idea of living a minimalistic life, uncluttered with less stuff seems like a sweet trade-off to make instead of living out of a constant chaotic state. Do not allow the feeling of anxiety to prevent you from getting started with the idea of organizing your home. First question you may have is, where do I get started? No problem! I have 5 fun tips to offer that should make the process of decluttering your home seamless. Your clean home and clear mind will be thanking me later. Let’s get organized! ????



  1. In every area you organize, start by tossing out the obvious trash. Declutter your home to add a sense of organization to your daily lifestyle.
  2. Create a pile of stuff that belongs in another room – subdivide it into each room/ arranging each item by room so that you can place the items in its proper place.
  3. Have reading materials piling up? Square up paper piles and reading materials. A neat pile of magazines is better than a messy heap that looks long forgotten.
  4. Are you a hoarder? Try donating an item or two that you no longer need. Yard sales are also a good tip to use if the item in question still has value. Declutter your home by donating to the less fortunate.
  5. Rearrange and/or scale back furniture (bigger items) in your live-in space to add room to cramped areas.The right pieces of furniture for activities suggest placement and traffic flow, and impact how the room feels.


We hope these tips inspired you to declutter your homeHappy cleaning!

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