Melanin Girls- Natural GLAM make up tutorial


Recently , I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing women in business. It is so refreshing to see GIRL POWER being applied to so many industries. One of those amazing women is Takirah Allen (a.k.a Tk) a freelance makeup artist that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with. Reach her here. You can consider us as two melanin girls with style taking on the world of fashion and make-up. We got together to develop a shoot that brought light to the different complexions of melanin. As well as exploring which make-melanin girls up products to use and how to it apply it to these beautiful complexions.

(hint hint ** there is a  make up tutorial at the end)

I love that even on the set of melanin girls you can see both of the amazing models Tatiana and Raynell taking pride and loving the skin they are in!!!

The first look  that was created for these melanin girls  was a soft subtle glam. Which is perfect for everyday wear around the office or a day at school. This look is quick, simple and emphasizes your natural beauty! Keep reading to learn how to accomplish this look.

melanin girls

The second look was created to show a different shade of melanin in more of a dramatic glam. Tk does an awesome job of making the make-up look stunning and natural but also captivating and striking. In this look she added some eye shadow and lashes to give the make up more of a dramatic appeal.

melanin girls

You GIRLS are in for a treat! This girl with style thought it would be awesome for you girls to see some behind the scenes of how Tk accomplished these gorgeous looks. Here is a quick make up tutorial on how to achieve natural look with make-up ENJOY!

melanin girls

Until our next Adventure loves

-A Girl With Style

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