Atel-o-phobia : The Fear of Imperfection

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Demp Week 19. For those of you who are not familiar with these events, let me explain. DJ Demp has a had a long standing relationship with the city of Tallahassee and every year he has a week-long birthday bash consisting of various events. This year I attended the Atel-o phobia which was the name of the annual Fashion Show that was held at the Moon Night Club. The event featured apparel from IFA clothing (which is Young Jeezy Son’s Clothing Line), DTLR which is a up and coming Hip Hop clothing and shoe store just beginning to make its mark in the Florida Region , Funky Fresh Footwear, Tammy’s Nighttime Treasures and many more!




Now lets talk about the clothing. What I observed on the Runway was a lot of urban fashion mixed in with an 80’s flare. I can appreciate the platform heels and combat boots that the models were wearing. Lots of leather and real cool hats were also a theme on this runway. With a combination of brands during the Street-wear set , the collaboration of IFA clothing and Funky Fresh Footwear complimented each other.




One of my favorite sets was the Lingerie scene. The clothing included sexy and sultry attire that would be perfect for the upcoming Valentines Day! Now, I have heard of Tammy Nighttime Treasure just based on advertisement. To finally see the actual product of this store makes me pretty impressed.


African Prints are a trend of 2015 that is makings its way into 2016 and I LOVE IT!!! I think its really awesome to pair a extremely bold print for everyday wear. These tribal prints were in abundance in the Fashion Show and was also placed with subtle pieces to accentuate the beautiful sequences.


All in All I had a great experience at the fashion show and will be in attendance next year.

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