4 ways women can empower each other



OK, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. Let’s talk about how we can harness, magnify and collaborate with a woman. Disclaimer: this is not always the easiest task to accomplish, but we must try.

I put together some steps below that I noted while I attended the Sister in Power event in Orlando, Florida. These steps below will not only help us look pass our flaws, but also focus on POWER of collaboration!

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the event mention above, Sisters In Power. It was a women empowerment conference, which included heart moving conversations, advice and life changing motivation. Did I mention that it was also the ultimate display of women working together for a higher purpose? This event spoke directly to me because I love collaborating, especially with other women.  Seeing the ladies of Push Thru Talk put their minds and resources together to put on such an amazing event with publicist La’torria Lemon was inspiring.

Me with the women of Push Thru Talk

WAIT! I haven’t even gotten to the panel of celebrity guest. The featured Sisters in Power were well-known actress Megan Good, Tami Roman from VH1, HIV-AIDS educator Kecia J , Wendy Turner who is a life coach and a dynamic public speaker, last but definitely not least Juliana Richard who owns MULTIPLE  million dollar companies including Slim Girl Shapewear. Just reading the accomplishments of the panelist should give you sneak peek into the extraordinary experience I had at this event.

Left to Right: Tami Roman , Wendi Turner , Juliana Richards , Meagan Good & Kecia J

Now, let’s focus on how we can create more displays of WOMEN POWER!!

1. Stop throwing SHADE and shed more LIGHT!!

During the intense discussion during Sisters in Power, Kecia J indicated that sometimes throwing shade is just irrelevant!! Nothing is going to come from you throwing shade/hating on the next women. Instead, lets encourage her. Tell her how she can improve on her skill instead of talking behind her back

2. Share stories of experience and defeat with your “competition”.

 The owner of Slim Girl Shapewear Juliana Richards indicated during her journey of entrepreneurship, she encounters her so called “competitor” (in the next step you will see why I put that in quotations). She also mentioned that she  didn’t have any animosity towards them, but she wanted to discuss experiences and compare battle scars that they’ve both experienced. If you see another woman as your “competition”, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a mutual conversation about what you’ve been through in business/life. You can talk about things to avoid, scams or even short cuts to use. Uplift each other! The next step will explain why you shouldn’t worry about another woman even being a competitor anyways.

3. Be confident knowing that what is for you is for you!

 Megan Good graced the crowd with she said “Whatever is for me, will be for me, and no one can take that away”. BOOM!!! DROPS MIC!!!  Walk in your purpose queen, nobody can take that from you. God has a plan for you. Please believe that collaborating or networking with another woman may be to missing piece to help you accomplish that goal. The nasty comments, eye rolls or any other gestures we’ve perfected over the years, doesn’t change the FACT that God has his way in our lives and we all have a specific purpose.

4. Let her SHINE.

 I can relate so much with Tami Roman when said “It is okay to step back and let your sister shine”. Just chill…. and let somebody else take the spotlight. Stepping back doesn’t make you any less relevant. It doesn’t mean that your purpose is any less amazing. Every moment is not your moment, and that is OKAY! As women empowering each other, we have to learn how to step back and allow somebody else to flourish.  It is an essential part to humbling yourself and uplifting the next person.


As you can see, the journey of attending Sisters in Power was not only enlightening, but a much-needed inspiration for me to do more collaborations with women.

Working with the fabulous photographer Candiace Williams was one of my first steps.

If you want to experience a Push Thru Talk event, head to Sisinpower.com

Until our next journey!

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